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Participation rules
■ Participation eligibility
The exhibition management agency refers to Zhongqi Exhibition Co.,Ltd. which is responsible for the management of all matters related to the exhibition, and all exhibition application shall win the approval of Guangzhou First-Class Exhibition Co., Ltd before being confirmed as effective one.
The management agency has the right to choose exhibitors. Before receiving the written confirmation of the management agency, exhibitors have no right related to the exhibition even if the payment has been done. The management agency has the right to reject any application without giving reasons.
The venue is rent to exhibitors for business promotion during the exhibition period. The booth layout and the way of using the booth space during the exhibition process shall be subject to requirements stipulated by the management agency, or the booth will be removed by the management agency and all expenses thus incurred shall be undertaken by corresponding exhibitor itself. Except for specific rules and regulations about the exhibition, any exhibitor shall not request a refund of rent and other expenses.
All exhibits must comply with Chinese laws. Fake, shoddy and illegal products are not allowed to be on display in the exhibition.
■ Payment
Exhibitor must pay the deposit on time, if not, the booth will not be retained.
Exhibitor must pay the balance on time. If not, it will be deemed as giving up the participation eligibility, the booth will be canceled, and the deposit will not be refunded.
After paying the deposit or the balance, the exhibitor has no reason to withdraw out of the exhibition and the payment is not refundable unless the exhibition is cancelled by the management agency.
If the exhibitor fails to pay off relevant expenses, the management agency has the right to reject its move-in or detain its exhibits, and the exhibitor shall have no objection.
■ Space allocation
The management agency has the right to make discretionary allocation about exhibitor's booth, has the finial decision right of retaining booth, and has the right to adjust booth arrangement according to the specific situations of the exhibition, and the exhibitor shall have no objection.
The booth is rent to exhibitor during the exhibition period and shall not be transferred or shared with any third party.
■ Prohibited behaviors
The data of non-exhibitors are not allowed to be given out at the booth, if the exhibitor gives out the data of any non-exhibitor, the management has the right to confiscate the data or cancel the participation eligibility of the exhibitor.
The exhibition publicity data of non-host and relevant directory data are not allowed to be given out at the booth, if found, the management agency will immediately cancel the participation eligibility of the exhibitor and investigate the responsibilities of relevant person and meanwhile claim damages.
■ Booth structure 
The management agency reserve the right of changing or removing the booth that violates the rules and regulations of the host, all expenses thus incurred shall be undertaken by the exhibitor who shall not recover losses resulting therefrom.
Any exhibition works in the exhibition area shall conform to safety, fire and requirements of not affecting other exhibitors, the design and construction drawings shall be recognized by the fire department, or the exhibitor shall assume all responsibilities itself.
■ Standard booth
The standard booth shall be built by the contractor designated by the management agency, and the exhibitor shall not change the standard booth unless with the written approval of the management agency.
The ornamentals in the standard booth shall not exceed the height of the booth.
■ Self-built Booth
The design, construction materials and structure of all self-built booths shall comply with the relevant provisions of the pavilion and the Chinese government regulations.
Without the written permission of the management agency, exhibitor shall not set up the booth by itself, but the exhibitor must be responsible for the safety of the self-built booth, and transact relevant fire procedures.
The self-built booth shall not change the structure of the pavilion or affect other exhibitors, or the management agency has the right to require the exhibitor to change it or remove it. 
■ Power supply
The power supply in the venue is single-phase 220v.
Exhibitor can obtain three-phase 380v power supply in case of advance application and shall pay all electrical engineering expenses. Electrical installation design drawings shall be designed by professional engineers and comply with safety rules.
For safety reasons, all electrical installations of the switchboard connection in the exhibition hall shall be performed by designated contractor.
Exhibitors requiring special power (like different voltage, frequency or connection) must prepare on their own or get assistance from the designated contractor.
Any socket can not be connected to by more than one plug.
Do not use universal plus.
Do not use flash/flashing lighting or neon light.
■ Power connection and electricity
Fill in mechanical power application if exhibitor requires power. Do not use power supply for lighting.
Exhibitors using combination lightbox can apply for connection power, please fill in the power for lighting application.
■ Safety rules of the site uses
During the exhibition period, the booth of any exhibitor shall be guarded by authorized representative who shall abide by exhibition rules and other provisions of the host and exhibition center.
If the management agency considers any exhibit or propaganda material dangerous, illegal, immoral, indecent or not complying with exhibition standards, the exhibit will be removed out of the exhibition center and all expenses thus incurred shall be undertaken by the exhibitor.
Exhibitor warrants that all exhibits, packaging and promotional materials do not infringe on any rights of third parties, including the already registered and unregistered trademarks, copyrights, patents, designs, names, etc., and promises to compensate to the infringement unit for the losses caused by infringement.
The booth layout shall be completed within the time stipulated by the management agency. If not and overwork is required, expenses thus incurred shall be undertaken by the exhibitor.
During the exhibition layout period, to ensure the safety of the exhibits, all exhibits are only allowed to move in, and any move-out is prohibited.
Before the exhibition is over, any exhibitor shall not move out any exhibit unless with the written permission of the management agency. Any repair or change in the booth and exhibits shall be conducted with the approval and supervision of the management agency after visitors leave.
The location and volume of all audio-visual equipment and other light-emitting devices shall not cause inconvenience to exhibitors and visitors.
Exhibitor's representative shall get relevant participation certificates at registration and wear the badge card while entering the exhibition hall and in the exhibition hall, and the management agency has the right to stop the representative without badge card to enter the exhibition hall. If the badge card is lost, the representative shall report to the host for a new one, and the badge card shall be returned to the host when the exhibition is over.
If any fire or other losses caused by the exhibition representative or agent of any exhibitor occurs, the management agency will investigate corresponding responsibilities and claim damages.