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Extra service
In order to improve your exhibition efficiency, our company will provide extra propaganda platform for your consideration:

■ The designated publications: exhibition tickets, exhibition pre-view and visit guidance

Tickets and exhibition preview will be posted to domestic buyers before the beginning of the exhibition, and the visit guidance will be handed out to visitors during the exhibition period.

Interests of sponsors:
- The sponsor logo of your distinguished company will appear on various promotional items.
- Special thanks to exhibitors (excluding sponsor logo) will be published in the Exhibition Journal, on-site display board and particular media adverting.

■ Company logo will appear in the Exhibition Journal
The company logo [less than 20mm (length) X 10mm (height)] will be placed beside the journal data of your company to highlight your company image.

■ Site panels
During the exhibition period, exhibition boards will be put at the eye-catching place of the exhibition hall to attract more visitors to visit your booth.

Other optional services (see Exhibitor Manual for relevant arrangements and procedures)
■  Advertise in the Exhibition Journal;
■ Employ translators and temporary workers;
■ Arrange technical seminars and workshops;
■ The organizing committee designates haulers to transport exhibits and clearance for exhibitors;
■ The organizing committee designates booth contractor to provide booth design, setting, and rent extra furniture, electrical appliances, audio-visual equipment, and telephone, etc.;
■ The organizing committee designates travel agents to provide hotel, visa application, and air ticket booking, etc.