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Invited buyer
Invite customers to visit your booth
According to the customer list provided by the exhibitor, the organizing committee will help the exhibitors to invite customers to visit the exhibition. The exhibitor can invite or nominate its overseas customers to visit IBF 2020. Please submit buyer data via e-mail, fax or letter. After receiving the buyer data, we will send invitation letter to the nominated buyers.
At each exhibition, some exhibitors can get a great harvest, but others are not so satisfactory about their exhibition effects. A survey shows that the success rate of enterprises which send or fax invitation letters to visitors at the booth is 4 times that of other companies. Experienced exhibitors usually send or fax invitation letters to customers prior to the exhibition, and the exhibition effect is thus much better.
From the perspective of exhibitors, an exhibitor shall make full preparations once it decides to attend an exhibition. In addition to passively waiting for customers, exhibitors shall also actively invite customers to visit their booths. For example, exhibitors can contact existing customers or target customers via letter, telephone, fax and e-mail and invite them to visit the booth. If permitted, they can also make an appointment for business negotiations during the exhibition period, and arrange some tourism and reception activities. So, before deciding to attend the exhibition, exhibitors shall have a detailed understanding of the services provided by the organizing committee so that they can take full advantage of these services. Miss Huang is the person in charge of a multinational corporation, she said: “Nowadays, I usually visit exhibition to look for suppliers, but I must contact exhibitors in advance, and make an appointment to meet at the exhibition center, ask them to provide the product introduction or samples that I need. This method is really high-efficient.” As a matter of fact, due to the demands of buyers, more and more exhibitors have realized the importance of sending invitation letters to customers prior to the exhibition, and have achieved a lot. So, we remind our exhibitors to send or fax invitation letters to customers before the opening ceremony of the exhibition.
“Make new friends, meet former customers, and establish brand”, this is the joint hope of exhibitors and the organizer, and IBF 2020 gives the highest priority to inviting professional visitors and exhibitors. The organizing committee will help you invite your partners and target visitors to visit your booth, prepare complete data and explanations for them, or provide personalized gifts and interactive activities, which will make your exhibition more attractive. The organizing committee can provide exhibitors with free invitation letters, prepare personalized invitation data for exhibitors and assist exhibitors in sending data (only charge nominal fee). Exhibitors can also only provide directory, and the organizing committee will regularly post exhibition data to customers listed in the directory, contact them over telephone, or fax them so that they may come to visit the exhibition. The invitation sent by the organizing committee is global, but the invitation sent by exhibitors is specific, so we hope to combine the two organically so that you can obtain satisfying returns. If customers are invited to visit your site booth, please provide them with considerate services. Great interactive activities and small gifts will attract more attention, novel and practical products and technology will have more order opportunities, and good service capacities will finally win customers’ trust. Now, please arrange your professional invitation plan and implement it actively. We will try our best to give you some suggestions and assistance.