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Exhibition introduction
You Are Kindly Invited to Participate—the Largest Bearing Exhibition in South

Bearing is the important machinery basic parts and components of various mechanical and electrical products supporting and maintenance, which widely applies in each field of national economy. Bearing industry is the strategic basic industry intensively developed in our county. Under the powerful impetus of reform and opening up, bearing industry obtains considerable development and has been equipped with stronger technical strength and bigger production capacity, laying solid foundation for building up a bearing powerful nation. In 2020, our national bearing output exceeded 22 billion sets and sales exceeded 350 billion yuan, becoming the global biggest bearing production and sales base.
As there is rather gap with world advanced level in product precision and technical level, etc. aspects, the demand on high quality bearing is mainly be satisfied by import. In recent years, the world well-known enterprises enter bearing market in succession and establish production base. By virtue of brand, equipment, technology, fund and scale of production, etc. advantages, it carries out fierce competition with domestic bearing enterprise, urging rapid rise of a great batch of domestic excellent bearing manufacturing brand and gradually becoming the leader in bearing manufacturing industry.
National economy development will pull basic construction investment and thus promote the development of metallurgy, electricity, building machinery, building materials, energy and household appliances, etc. industries. Meanwhile, the country issue ten industrial Revitalization programs, providing policy support to automobile, aerospace, machine tool and wind electricity, etc. industries of which the demand on bearing expands gradually. The development of auto industry also drives the development of automobile bearing. In addition, the emphasis of the country on equipment manufacturing industry and bearing localization trend is increasingly obvious. Our nation’s bearing market will welcome broader development space.
During the “the 13th five-Year Plan” period, our nation’s bearing industry will continue the station of steady-state growth. Firstly, bearing is consumptive mechanical components. In addition that the newly added program and newly added mechanical product will drive the bearing demand, increase of mechanical product inventory and improvement of use ratio will increase consumption to bearing; secondly, degree of automation is constantly improved and the requirement on the main engine becomes higher and higher, thus the requirement on bearing performance and technical requirements become higher and higher. New products emerge in endlessly and the quantity demanded also increases constantly. In future, the demand on bearing will show steady increase situation. Our bearing industry will enter into a wholly new fast quality and rapid development period.
To comply with the strong market demand of bearing industry, under the leadership of various competent departments, Guangzhou Zhongqi Exhibitions Co., Ltd together with industrial authority scheduled to hold “The 4th Guangzhou International Import and Export Bearing and Equipment Expo 2020” (IBF2020) at Guangzhou Pazhou International Sourcing Centre October 13-15,2020. We will deepen activity connotation, adhere to the holding principle of promoting industrial development and “highlighting brand, exploration and innovation, focusing on actual effect and strengthening service” and providing a “high standard, good taste and high quality” most authoritative international trade platform for vast domestic and foreign exhibitors to expand business, exchange technology, exhibit strength, obtain information, develop relations with customers, spread new product and seek cooperative partner by virtue of unique originality, scientific organization and management and excellent service and with new concept, provide more cooperation opportunities for global bearing industry, powerfully promote bearing products to comprehensively enter global purchasing system, cooperation with world each countries’ bearing industry, mutual benefit and win-win result and mutual development and progress