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Propaganda promotion
IBF 2020 will be an Import/export-oriented modern international professional brand event, based on the Pan- Pearl River Delta, relying on mainland China, radiating the Asia & Pacific area, and exploring the whole world. The host will ensure that all exhibitors can have effective product promotions and image display on this professional exhibition, and finally realize the purpose of successful promotion sales. To organize and invite professional visitors is one of the priorities of the organizing committee. The host will introduce internationally advanced CRM customer relationship management system; integrate governments, associations, production enterprises, media and the host’s huge database of buyers; and organize professional visitors to visit and make procurement on the venue by some flexible and effective ways such as DM, fax, e-mail, visit, VIP invitation, prompt promotion, advertising media, show preview, online registration of professional visitors, trade show promotion, professional media promotion, exhibitors invitation, industry association tour and international cooperation, etc.

The organizing committee will issue the news about this exhibition and advertise via hundreds of news media, professional magazines and websites; adhere to the communication orientation of connecting manufacturers and distributors via professional media, and strive to create an internationally influential professional exhibition with the influence and authority of a big event and the new concept of attention marketing.

The host will bring into full play its own advantages, and cooperate with over 1000 large automobile markets, Bearing markets, auto parts markets across the country to publicize the exhibition; and invite all Bearing supplies markets and relevant member units of Bearing associations across the country to visit the exhibition.

Specific measures:

● Cooperate with domestic and overseas famous media and professional media for strong advocacy and in-depth report, carry out strong-strong cooperation with professional authoritative media to jointly create a professional exhibition of Bearing.

● Publicize the exhibition and hand out exhibition tickets at major domestic and overseas Bearing industry exhibitions.

● Post exhibition tickets to 90 thousand professional visitors at home and abroad, send e-mails about the host’s data of 0.2 million professional buyers, and letters of invitation via fax to over 100 thousand domestic and overseas sales enterprises in the Bearing market, and send letters of invitation to over one thousand domestic and overseas professional VIP.

● Promote the exhibition to relevant Bearing associations and institutions of foreign countries via their respective embassies and consulates, departments of commerce and trade institutions, invite concerned enterprises to visit the exhibition, and meanwhile promote the exhibition via our embassies and commercial offices.

● Find out professional visitors from the database of previous visitors and invite them to visit the exhibition, entrust domestic and overseas professional associations/societies and professional media to give out promotional items and organize concerted parties to visit the exhibition, and the complete sweepstakes program will assist exhibitors to send letters of invitation to the most appropriate target visitors.

● Provide updated market data and policy guidance and counseling, conduct project presentations on newly built projects and projects under construction to extend the trade activities of the exhibition and lead visitors to prepare suitable marketing strategies, and base on our own social resources and excellent organizational capacities to assist visitors in organizing product promotion so that visitors can maximize their benefits of visiting the exhibition.

● The host take the initiatives to invite industry manufacturers and concerted parties, and timely inform industry manufacturers of the exhibition progress, related matters about services before and after the exhibitions, and make free image promotion and information dissemination for visiting manufacturers via the official exhibition website, association journal and a series of large-scale events.

● The organizing committee successfully established the databank of domestic and overseas professional buyers, which can provide enterprises with buyer information and procurement information after the exhibition and enterprises can consult about the buyer information during the exhibition period.

● The great support of national professional associations will bring enterprises with more far-reaching influence! And professional exhibition institutes provide you with the most honorable and comprehensive exhibition services!

● Powerful advertising planning and over 100 domestic and overseas specialized cooperative media group will grant you with more opportunity to debut by visiting the exhibition! We have established long-term cooperation relationship with professional industry media. Focus on the industry media; keep your eyes on IBF 2020!

● IBF 2020 is a big feast for the Bearing industry. Lots of enterprises will show up, so it is the first choice of industry buyers in ordering and trading. Welcome to join us—a gathering place for elites