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Advance registration
Thank you for your attention to this exhibition!
Please complete the following registration procedures. From now on, you will enjoy a range of services provided by the organizing committee of the exhibition!
Pre-registration approaches 
Visitors can download visit registration form here before October 1, 2020, fill in the registration form, and submit it to the organizing committee via fax or mail. After receiving the form and verifying relevant information, the organizing committee will post “visit card” free of charge to visitors so that they can pay an on-site visit during the exhibition period. If you fail to receive the badge card, please bring with you a printed visit registration form and take the VIP access to get a “visit card”.
If you don’t get on-line registration, please bring with you the visit ticket, ID card and name card for on-site registration at the exhibition entrance, and get free “visit card” after filling in registration form.
Please downloadvisit registration form,and submit it to the organizing committee via fax or mail, or bring a copy of it and take the VIP access of the exhibition site to get free “visit card”.
Advantages of pre-registration
Get “visit card” in advance to avoid the on-site queue which will probably take you one hour;
Obtain first-hand information of the exhibits and services in advance;
Obtain the latest news about the exhibition and market in advance, and improve the efficiency of visit and procurement;
Get a copy of the Association Journal of the exhibition free of charge and an exhibition gift;
Get free access to presentations and seminars during the exhibition period, and get in a close touch with insiders;
Enjoy the assistance provided by the organizing committee in terms of transportation and accommodation during the exhibition period so that you can save your travel costs.